Ultra HD Forum demonstrates that HDR is real at NAB show 2017

Fremont, California, April 21st, 2017 – The Ultra HD Forum, the global organization defining industry best practices for the introduction of technologies to facilitate the ultra-high-definition (UHD) viewing experiences, will bring more than a dozen demonstrations to booth N1131FP during the NAB Show.

Deployable Phase A technologies that represent current challenges will be demonstrated at three stations in the booth: Broadcaster HDR Video delivery, SDR and HDR mixing and delivering Quality HDR Video.

Upcoming opportunities to improve consumer experience will be demonstrated with new Phase B technologies and will also be organized into three stations: Dynamic HDR Metadata, HDR and SDR Improvements and High Frame Rate Video.

The member companies that have collaborated to assemble these live demonstrations are BBright, Beamr, DirecTV, Dolby, Harmonic, Huawei, LG Electronics, NeuLion, PBS, Sigma Designs, Sony and Technicolor.

“The 2017 NAB Show sees the Forum’s most ambitious initiative to date of demonstrating UHD capabilities in public. It’s been an exciting challenge to work with our active members to get so many demonstrations up and running for NAB,” said Harmonic’s Thierry Fautier, the Forum’s newly reelected President. “The Phase A demonstrations show what is really operationally ready today, while our phase B demonstrations show what UHD still has in store.”

The Ultra HD Forum continues to grow, reaching over 60 members with the recent arrival of key industry leaders such as Qualcomm. At NAB the Forum will also be releasing security guidelines, running a Masterclass and holding a members meeting.