4K Joey from Dish

Dish 4K JoeyThe 4K Joey is a next-generation receiver that displays the most crystal-clear picture for compatible 4K televisions. Featuring native Bluetooth support, this receiver offers one high-end whole-home experience. Capable of connecting with televisions throughout your entire home, the 4K Joey and the HOPPER 3™ give you more entertainment options than ever before.
With the right 4K receiver like the 4K Joey, you’re set for the best picture quality possible on your television.

Connecting your 4K receiver shouldn’t be a hassle. With the 4K Joey receiver, you won’t find this to be an issue. The device is the first Joey to come with native Bluetooth support, which allows you to connect with other home entertainment devices wirelessly.

This set-top box lets you access the same content as the Hopper 3, and since it’s the same $7 monthly fee as a standard Joey, there’s no reason not to upgrade.

The 4K Joey is really flat, measuring just 0.7 by 7.5 by 6.2 inches (HWD). The tiny front panel holds Information, Locate Remote, Power, and Up/Down/Select buttons in a single row. The back panel features HDMI, composite video, and optical audio outputs, a USB port, and a coaxial connector for hooking it up to the main Hopper 3.

Dish is not offering live 4K content yet because there simply is not much around at present. In fact, there’s not a lot available for download either.
This should all change in the next few years as more UHD channels launch and more 4K material becomes available.


Technical Specifications

Video Formats: HEVC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2
Video Resolutions: 4Kp60 10-bit, 1080i, 1080p24, 720p, 480i, 480p
MoCA: 2.0 and 1.1
Processor: 7K CPU DMIPs
Flash Memory: 128 MB
Bluetooth: 2.1, Class 2

4K Joey RearBack Panel
F-Connector: Yes
Ethernet Port: RJ45, 10/100 BaseT
HDMI 2.0 Port: Supports Dolby and CEC
USB 2.0 Port: Yes
S/PDIF Optical Digital Audio Port: Dolby Digital, PCM
RCA A/V Outputs: Standard full-size
Power Input: 30W external inline

4K Joey FrontFront Panel
Buttons: Power, sys info, locate remote, up, down, select
Indicator Light: Power (green)
IR Blast and Receive

Smart-Card Reader: SIM size

Power Supply
HDMI Cable
Mounting Stand

Weight & Dimensions
Height: .6″
Width: 7.5″
Depth: 6.2″
Weight: 2.3 lbs